Sixth Eye

Today, we tried five different wines. Starting off, we tried a Syrah by the winemaker Michael David. The label Sixth Sense was coined because it was the sixth generation of the David family vintners. The Sixth Sense has aromas of ripe blackberry, boysenberry, and fig laced with dark chocolate and allspice. This full bodied wine has noticeable tannins. Flavors of black raspberry, coffee bean and tobacco are layered throughout the finish. Next, we tried Athena, a restaurant exclusive cabernet from Modesto, California. This wine is a great time and a classic crowd pleaser, with hints of oak, vanilla, and dark fruits such as blackberry, and plum. This wine is perfect for the restaurant because it goes hand in hand with almost any cut of meat. Then, we tasted Prisme, a pinot noir blanc made in the Chehalem Mountains. Aged in French oak barrels this wine has flavors of pear, apple, and peach. As well as notes of oak and butter. Anne Amie Vineyards really knocked it out of the park with their 2018 vintage, definitely worth a try. Finally, we had the opportunity to try Chapelle d'Alienor Bordeaux Superieur, this wine brings with it a bold, dry, and acidic taste, with notes of chocolate, vanilla and plum. It pairs beautifully with a steak. Almost like they were meant to be enjoyed together. As a whole, this tasting was a success, with a good variety behind it. Always remember to enjoy responsibly, and live a little.

-Baci Beer and Wine

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