Hearts in California

       Today, we had the pleasure of tasting three products. The first, a wine from Monterey, California - Talbott Kali Hart, Pinot Noir, and another addition from California, Locations CA by Dave Phinney. We were also surprised with a variety of High Noon seltzers: Watermelon, Grapefruit, Peach and Black Cherry. 

       To start us off, I'll give you a little break down of the flavor compositions you should be expecting when trying these wines. The Pinot Noir, Kali Hart, has a fruity aroma of plums, cranberries and red currant. The hints of vanilla and dark chocolate play beautifully on the palate, with a medium body, this would pair well with a veal or venison meal. 

      Next, we have a wine from a little known winemaker by the name of Dave Phinney. Popularized for his original vintage: The Prisoner, Dave went on to make a line of wine called Locations. There are many different Locations that he has made but, the one we tried today was Locations CA. The wine brings forth flavors of blackberry, cherries, raspberries with a smooth oak finish. A good pair with this wine would be a nice cut of lamb or a T-bone steak.

      As for the seltzers, High Noon is a wonderful option in the world of hard seltzers. Many "regular seltzers" use a form of malt-based fermentation, while High Noon takes the high road, and uses real vodka and real juice to make their premium seltzer. If you are out there trying to take care of yourself, but still be the life of the party, these all-natural options are a great way to go.

     Be sure to check out what we'll be tasting, and then head on down and take part in the experience. Your words and thoughts could be a part of this very article! Enjoy responsibly.


-Baci Beer and Wine

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